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Best Couples Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries

Explore our top picks for the best couples entertainment, including movies, TV shows, and documentaries that explore the complexities of relationships and provide insightful and entertaining perspectives.

Discover our curated selection of the top-rated couples movies, TV shows, and documentaries that delve into the intricate dynamics of relationships. From heartwarming comedies to thought-provoking dramas, our recommendations offer a captivating exploration of love, marriage, and the challenges and triumphs of couplehood.


The L Word Season 6
The popular drama series returns for its sixth and final season!
The L Word Season 6
Couples Therapy Season 1
Experience the Raw and Unfiltered World of Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy Season 1
Couples Therapy
Communicate clearly. Uncover hidden baggage. Heal together.
Couples Therapy
The Neighborhood, Season 3
The lovable neighbors bring you laughs for days!
The Neighborhood, Season 3
Couples Retreat Couples Retreat


  • Relatable portrayal of couples in different stages of their relationships
  • Humorous and lighthearted tone with a touch of heartfelt emotion


  • Predictable plot and some exaggerated characters
  • May not appeal to viewers seeking a more serious or dramatic film

Embark on a hilarious adventure with Couples Retreat, where four couples head to a luxurious tropical island for a couples therapy retreat. Follow the ups and downs of each couple as they navigate relationship challenges, rediscover their spark, and confront some uncomfortable truths. This film offers a relatable and heartwarming portrayal of the complexities of relationships, wrapped in a side-splitting comedy. Prepare for a screening filled with laughter, cringe-worthy moments, and a reminder of the enduring power of love.

Couples Retreat is a perfect choice for a casual movie night, offering a blend of comedy and poignant reflections on relationships. The star-studded cast, including Vince Vaughn, Malin Akerman, and Jason Bateman, bring a charismatic flair to their roles. While the plot may be somewhat predictable, it's the relatable characters and humorous situations that keep the movie engaging throughout. However, if you prefer more serious or dramatic films, this may not be the movie for you.

The L Word Season 6 The L Word Season 6


  • Features the return of all the main characters from the previous seasons.
  • The acting is top-notch, with all of the cast members delivering excellent performances.


  • The storylines are a bit predictable at times.
  • Some of the characters make questionable decisions.

The L Word is a groundbreaking drama series that follows the lives of a group of lesbian friends in Los Angeles. The show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of lesbian relationships and for its exploration of important social issues. Season 6 is the show's final season, and it brings the storylines of the main characters to a close.

The acting in Season 6 is top-notch, with all of the cast members delivering excellent performances. Mia Kirshner is particularly good as Jenny Schecter, the show's protagonist. The storylines are a bit predictable at times, but they are still engaging and well-written. Overall, Season 6 is a satisfying conclusion to the groundbreaking drama series The L Word.

Couples Therapy Season 1 Couples Therapy Season 1


  • Provides intimate insights into the challenges and triumphs of real couples
  • Features diverse representation and authentic storytelling


  • May not appeal to those seeking a more entertainment-focused show.
  • Some episodes deal with sensitive and potentially triggering topics

Couples Therapy Season 1 is a riveting and insightful peek into the complex world of relationships. Through a series of emotionally charged sessions, therapist Orna Guralnik guides couples as they navigate communication barriers, intimacy issues, and profound personal challenges. The show's strength lies in its authenticity, showcasing raw and vulnerable moments as these couples strive to rebuild their connections. The diverse representation of couples adds depth and resonance to the stories, making it relatable to a wide audience.

What sets Couples Therapy apart is that it goes beyond the surface of conflicts, delving into the underlying emotional dynamics and attachment patterns. Guralnik's compassionate and skillful approach creates a safe and supportive space for couples to confront their issues and work towards healing. While the show can be emotionally intense, it ultimately offers hope and inspiration, demonstrating the resilience of the human spirit. However, it's important to note that the sensitive and often triggering nature of the content may not be suitable for all viewers. Overall, Couples Therapy Season 1 is a thought-provoking and deeply moving experience that provides valuable insights into the complexities of relationships.

Couples Therapy Couples Therapy


  • The series features real couples and demonstrates authentic therapy sessions, providing valuable insights into the complexities of relationships.
  • Orna Guralnik, a seasoned therapist, skillfully guides couples through challenges and facilitates transformative growth.


  • Short episode length might leave viewers wanting more.
  • The show's limited number of sessions can prevent viewers from fully following the couples' journeys.

Couples Therapy is a nuanced and captivating series that offers a glimpse into the real-life struggles and triumphs of couples navigating the complexities of relationships and mental health. Starring Orna Guralnik, a seasoned therapist, the show presents a raw and authentic portrayal of therapy sessions, providing viewers with an immersive and educational experience.

Guralnik skillfully guides the couples through various challenges, including communication issues, intimacy problems, and past traumas. The series delves into the underlying causes of these issues, allowing viewers to gain insights into the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

The Neighborhood, Season 3 The Neighborhood, Season 3


  • Caught in the middle of hilarious and heartwarming moments of the neighborhood
  • Cedric The Entertainer shows off his hilarious side in this show
  • Good wholesome family fun show


  • Some characters can be over-the-top
  • Formulaic season with not many changes from the last season

The Neighborhood is a great wholesome show about the family next door. This third season continues the escapades of Dave Johnson trying to adjust to his new neighbors, the Butlers. Cedric The Entertainer shines in this role. The way that the Johnsons and the Butlers have to adjust to the cultural differences of each other is hilarious. With the Johnsons coming from a more conservative background and the Butlers coming from a more free-spirited background, there are bound to be some funny, heartwarming, and crazy moments. In this third season, the show continues the trend of mixing hilarious moments with heartwarming moments.

While not every character will be a favorite of the audience, the characters of Dave Johnson and Calvin Butler surely will be. While Dave Johnson is trying to be a good neighbor, Calvin Butler is the neighbor that just doesn't listen. Overall, The Neighborhood is a great family show that provides a lot of laughs but can also tug at the heartstrings.

Married to Real Estate Married to Real Estate


  • Experience a roller coaster of renovation realities


  • Behind-the-scenes drama can be excessive

Married to Real Estate is a sizzling reality show that delves into the extraordinary lives of Egypt Sherrod and her husband, Mike Jackson. As they conquer the competitive world of real estate, viewers get a glimpse into their dynamic partnership. From uncovering hidden gems to tackling challenging renovations, this power couple provides an intimate look into their journey of transforming properties into dream homes.

The show's authenticity and emotional core lie in the passionate love story that intertwines with the real estate endeavors. Egypt and Mike's unwavering support and teamwork serve as a refreshing reminder of the strength of their connection. Along the way, they encounter a cast of colorful characters, from eccentric homeowners to skilled contractors, creating an entertaining and relatable narrative.

HOW TO DANCE THROUGH TIME Vol. 1. - The Romance of Mid-19th Century Couple Dances HOW TO DANCE THROUGH TIME Vol. 1. - The Romance of Mid-19th Century Couple Dances


  • Learn Mid-19th century historical couple dance moves.
  • Demonstrates couple dancing steps and routines from around the world and US.


  • Only primarily covers the basic beginner steps and movements.
  • Additional materials may be needed for better understanding.

Step back into the captivating era of the mid-19th century with the captivating instructional masterpiece, "HOW TO DANCE THROUGH TIME Vol. 1: The Romance of Mid-19th Century Couple Dances." This magnificent DVD, featuring the renowned Lawrence Ewing, invites you on an unmissable journey to master the elegant and romantic dance styles that graced the ballrooms of the past.

Through a captivating blend of expert guidance and whimsical storytelling, the viewer is transported to a bygone era, where the art of dance was cherished and held in high esteem. Lawrence Ewing, with his unparalleled expertise, leads you through a comprehensive exploration of the most popular couple dance styles of the time, offering a glimpse into the lives and loves of those who danced them. Beguiling waltzes, lively polkas, and spirited quadrilles - "HOW TO DANCE THROUGH TIME Vol. 1" delves into the rich tapestry of dance, unveiling the historical and cultural significance behind each step and movement.

From grand ballrooms to intimate soirées, the DVD provides a captivating glimpse into the etiquette and customs surrounding dance in the mid-19th century. Each dance is presented with precision and grace, allowing the viewer to not only learn the steps but also immerse themselves in the social and cultural context of the time.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of couples entertainment with our精选 of the best movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Our recommendations showcase a diverse range of genres and perspectives, providing something for every taste and mood. Whether you're looking for a romantic escape, a thought-provoking exploration of relationships, or simply a fun and engaging watch, our curated list has something for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best movies for couples?

Our top picks for the best couples movies include 'Couples Retreat', 'The L Word Season 6', and 'HOW TO DANCE THROUGH TIME Vol. 1. - The Romance of Mid-19th Century Couple Dances'.

What are the must-watch TV shows for couples?

For an engaging TV experience, we recommend 'Couples Therapy Season 1', 'Couples Therapy', and 'The Neighborhood, Season 3'.

Are there any insightful documentaries about couples?

For couples looking to explore relationship dynamics, we suggest 'Married to Real Estate - Season 3'.

What are the highest-rated couples movies?

'Couples Retreat' and 'The L Word Season 6' both hold impressive ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Which couples TV shows offer the most episodes?

'The L Word Season 6' and 'The Neighborhood, Season 3' offer a substantial number of episodes for couples to enjoy.

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